Top 16 Free Premium Digital Marketing & SEO Courses and Tools worth $5000+

Due to the Outbreak of Coronavirus impact, many companies are offering Free Premium Digital Marketing Courses and SEO Courses & Tools which worth more than $5000 (i.e., 3.5 Lakhs).

Here are some Marketing and SEO companies like SpyFu, Ahrefs, MOZ, CodeAcademy, Skillshare, Facebook and many others are providing their courses and tools for absolutely FREE.

If you are focusing on Digital Marketing and Blogging career and seeking for right opportunity to get started, then here by these tools and courses you can take advantage and grow your skills.

Here are the 16 Digital Marketing and SEO Tools & Courses that you can use for Free up to a certain period of time.


          Ahrefs is a well-known and widely used toolset for backlinks and SEO analysis. It also used to do keyword search, technical analysis, site audit, and much more.

          Ahrefs is now offering its one of the most popular course Blogging for Business for completely free.

          Blogging for Business is a 5-hour SEO course which covers almost all everything that helps you to grow your business blog and generate sales through it.


          SpyFu is a popular keyword research tools which is used by thousands of Digital Marketers from all around the world. SpyFu only focuses on keyword unlike like Ahrefs and Moz where these two offers complete solution to all your SEO needs.

          Recently on their blog their they announced a major announcement that they are providing SpyFu for free to anyone who needs it.

          What you all have to do is to contact their support team at and need to request for free version of SpyFu.


          Moz is an all-in-one SEO software that contains tools to improve search engine visibility is now offering dozens of Premium courses to improve your SEO skills.
          Moz is offering courses like Local SEO, Technical SEO, Basic Backlinks and many more. To avail these premium courses what you all have to do is to create an account in Moz and Purchase any course of your choice.

          To avail Premium Course for Free at the time  of checkout you need to add coupon code ‘wegotthis’ to get premium course for free.

4. Skill Share:

          Skillshare is a online learning community designed for both Students and Teachers, where you can learn almost anything at Skillshare with thousands of classes on topics like Designing, Sales, Marketing, Photography and Many more.

          Even you can share your skill as a teacher on Skillshare. You’ll find lot of options to explore on Skillshare.

          Skillshare is offering 2 months free trail for anyone who is interested to join in their community to improve their skills.


          Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform used by millions of entrepreneurs to sell their products online.

          Now Shopify extended its free trial period from 14 days to 90 days. If you want to start an Online Store on Shopify, this would be a great time to get started with this 90 days Free trial.

6. CodeAcademy:

          If you want to learn web development and mobile development skills, then CodeAcademy is the best place to get these skills.

          CodeAcademy helps you to learn different programming languages.
In CodeAcademy you can avail free coding classes in 12 different programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL, C++, Swift, SAAS and also some other markup languages like HTML and CSS.

          Code Academy is now offering 90-day free trail for students from all over the world.


          Hootsuite is a Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard where you can manage multiple social media accounts by using this software.

          Now Hootsuite is offering free access to its software up to 1st July 2020. They are also giving access to their library of social media courses and other essential tools for social media management.

8. TechSmith Snagit and Video Review:

          TechSmith Snagit is a screen recorder and screen capture that lets user to quickly share videos and images on online.

          It can also be used for creating contents for Training, Tutorials, Lessons etc. It can be fully customizable where you can also add elements on screen.

          TechSmith Video Review is a Video Feedback tool used in collaborative discussions and conversions of the content created by Snagit.

          These two are user friendly software’s which are currently now helping organizations and academic institutions till the end of June 2020.


          Zoho is a Cloud Software Suite and SaaS applications which now currently offering its remote service app to work from home during this Quarantine time.

          By this Zoho Work Remotely software offers a complete suite of web and mobile apps that will help you to communicate and to collaborate with your office team from anywhere.

Zoho Work Remotely will remain Free till 1st July,2020.

10. Harmon Brothers University:

          Harmon Brothers University is an online learning platform where they will teach you how to write ads that sell.

          They are offering their video scripting course for free which worth $197.
It’s a 14-day course where you will get enough knowledge to how to create video ads and how to sell.

          They made this course free to everyone for 30 days


          Cloudflare is a web security company and it provides a DNS service for instance allowing web browsers and Cloudflare will helps to improve page load speeds, reduces bandwidth usage and also CPU usage on the server.

          Cloudflare is offering Cloudflare small business with out any cost till September 1 2020.

          It is also giving an optional 30-min session with a technical expert to the business teams.

12.Google Cloud:

          Google Cloud is a Cloud Computing service offered by Google that provides Computing, Hosting Services and APIs.

          Due to the Coronavirus impact more academies, students and teachers are working remotely all over to the world. To give better interface for online classes and online teaching to students Google announced its Google Cloud free for everyone till 1st July,2020.

          Google Cloud has many features like Larger Meetings which can be up to 250 participants per call and video conferencing and live streaming within a domain up to for 100,000 viewers.

          We can even save the Meetings, recordings in Google Drive even without downloading them.

13.Facebook for Business:

          Facebook for Business has started a program for Small Businesses offering them $100M in cash and as ad credits for eligible businesses in over 30 Countries to more than 30,000 small businesses.

          This program has not yet stated but to help small business during covid-19 impact.


          Meero is providing a free Meero software known as MeeroDrop to transfer large files to work from home easier.
Meero increased its storage capacity to 10Gigabytes and 3 months of free trial period.

You can upload images, videos and PDF into the storage and anyone can use that files once you have uploaded it to your accounts storage.     

15. Microsoft Office 365 E1:

          Microsoft has extended its Office 365 E1 trial to 6 months. To get this free trial for 6 months you need to Signup for E1, a promo code will be sent to your mail and you have to redeem the promocode in Office 365 to avail this offer by Microsoft.

          This offer is for anyone who has a Microsoft account and who haven’t activated Office 365 E1.

16. Craigs-School:

          Craigs-School is offering a advanced SEO Course for anyone to increase the skills of students during this Quarantine time for free of cost.

In this advanced SEO course they also teaches how  actually a search engine works and they also focused on keywords that will helps you to rank #1 in search engines.

Here is the full video on how to avail Digital Marketing and SEO Tools & Courses for free.

Hope this article helped you all.

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