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Adobe Affiliate Program:

Adobe Affiliate Program is an attractive commission paying Affiliate program where you can earn a lot of money through its Affiliate Program. Promoting their Adobe products like Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock, and Adobe Document Cloud on your blog, website, or any other social media platform will make you a massive amount of money if anyone purchases Adobe Products from your Affiliate links.

If you are running a particular niche website only to promote products of Affiliate Programs, then you can run Adobe Affiliate ads on your Site without Google Adsense approval.

Adding and running Adobe ads on your Site will drive you a lot of impressions for Adobe ads, which may make a massive impact on your Affiliate Earnings through these Adobe Ads on your Site. Just not only by website or blog, but you can also earn huge money from Adobe by sharing its links in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Reddit is also the best place for sharing with an attractive description in Reddit Groups.

If you take a look at Adobe commission rates, Adobe pays a higher commission rate than other Affiliate Programs. For different products, the commission rates are also different for each Adobe product.

Here's the commission rate what Adobe affiliate program offers:


Commission for Month to Month Subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud & Document Cloud is 85.00%.

Commission for One Year Prepaid Subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud & Document Cloud is 8.33%.

Commission for Month to Month Subscription of Adobe Stock is $72US.

Commission for Single Purchase of Adobe Creative Cloud & Document Cloud is 8.33%.

Compared to other Affiliate programs, the Signup process for Adobe Affiliate Program is somewhat challenging to set up an account and verifying Site in the Tradedoublers site. Adobe help files were also outdated to take a look at those files and to follow the given instructions.

Recently, I have signed up for the Adobe affiliate program, where I've faced a lot of issues in this process. So, to make it easy to join Adobe Affiliate Program for you guys, I'm writing this article to give you a clear path and detailed information on how to join AdobeAffiliate Program and run Adobe Affiliate Ads on your Site.

How to Sign up for Adobe's Affiliate Program:

Open Adobe Affiliate Program Sign up page and Click on the Apply Now button to create an Adobe Affiliate Account.

Now you need to fill the required information to create an Account in Adobe's Affiliate Program.

When you Sign up for Adobe Affiliate, Adobe will ask you information on

1. Country –
Select the Country where you are business is located.

2. Language –
Select your preferred language (Only two languages are given in
this field 1.English, 2.Japanese)

3. Business Type –
Here you need to choose your business type among business
type choices from

1. Individual.

2. Organization (non-taxable).

3. Company.

You need to select one from those three business types.

4. First Name
Business Owner's First Name.

5. Last Name
Business Owner's Last Name.

6. Email Address
Enter Email Address that you want to associate with Adobe's Affiliate Program.

7. Username
Create a username for your Adobe affiliate account.

8. Password
Create a Password for your Adobe affiliate account.

9. Password Confirmation
Re-enter your created password.

   10. Your Website
Enter your website's URL to associate your website with Adobe's Affiliate Program.

   11. Captcha Code
                    Enter Captcha code from the Right box.

Now, Click on all the Terms and Conditions box and click Create Account.

Activating your Adobe Affiliate Account:

After creating an account, you will receive a confirmation Email from Adobe Team with an activation URL.

By clicking on that URL, your publisher's account will be activated.

Note: You need to activate your account within 15 minutes of opening this email, otherwise your account will remain inactive, and you will need to restart the registration process.

How to Verify Your Site:

Before getting started, you need to verify your Site to able to apply for Adobe Programs.

After activating your Affiliate account, sign-in to your affiliate account on TradeDoubler (TradeDoubler is an Affiliate Network used by Adobe).

Once you logged-in to your Affiliate Account, you will see a big blue banner at the top of the dashboard with text Step to Complete: Verify Site.

Now, you need to verify your Site by clicking on Click Here on the blue banner or by from My Sites menu.

When you click Your Sites from the menu or by clicking Click Here from the blue banner, you will see your site URL. Right Next to Your Website's URL, you will see a text NOT VERIFIED in Red color and Click on that text.

Once you clicked on it, you will see the instructions to verify your Site.

Now here you can see two methods to verify your Site. You can use any one of them to verify your Site.

Website Verification Method 1: Adding Meta Tag to Homepage Code

In this verification method, you need to copy given the meta tag and paste it in under the <HEAD> tag of your website's homepage HTML code.

     1. Copy the Meta Tag from TradeDoubler site.

 2. Open blogger.

 3. Goto theme and click on edit HTML.

 4. Now paste the meta tag under <Head> as shown in below fig.

 5. Now save the theme.

After saving the theme, click on Click here to verify your site button on the TradeDoubler site to check the Meta tag on your Site.

Your Site will be verified by TradeDoubler in just a while.

If Method 1 doesn't work, then try to verify your Site by using Method 2.

Website Verification Method 2: Adding File to Root of Your Web Server:

In this method, you need to verify your Site by saving a file in the root of your server.

1. Create an empty file and name it as given number.html (ex: 318286.html)

2. Then save this file in the root of your webserver.
         (eg. <>).

   3. Then you need to access your hosting via your FTP or webserver.

If you have any doubts regarding these two methods, you can simply click on [See Example] on how to do these steps.

Once you have followed the above instructions, click on Click here to verify your site button on the TradeDoubler site to verify your Site.

If you are unable to verify your Site by TradeDoubler even after trying these two methods, then you need to verify your Site manually.

Steps to Manually Verify your Site: 

Manual verification of your Site is a time taking process. In my case, it takes two days to get my Site verified by TradeDoubler.

To manually verify your Site, you need to contact the Adobe Affiliate team from the TradeDoubler site. Just click on you'll redirect to support form where you need to fill the form and click on the Send button to submit the form.

In this support forum, you need to fill information on your:

    1.Affiliate Email
Here enter your email address with which you are signed in.

    2. Subject
In this field, just type in "Site Verification."

    3. Message
Enter your message in this field, asking to approve your Site manually.

     4. Category
In this select category, select Site Verification.

     5. Site URL
Here enter your Site URL.

     6. Name
In this field, enter your Site Name.

     7. Site ID
Here enter your unique Site ID. You can find your Site ID from Site info page on TradeDoubler.

Now click on the Send button to submit a support forum to Adobe Affiliate Team.

After submitting within 24 hours, you'll receive a mail from TradeDoubler (Affiliate network of Adobe Company) providing you with a video of step by step more detailed instructions on how to verify your Site.

However, the video provided is an outdated one, but somehow it will help you to complete the Site verification process by following the instructions from the video.

Here is the Step by Step Instructional video link:

Steps you need to follow from the Instructed video:

1. Log-in to your Adobe Affiliate Account.

2. Click on Your Sites >> Your Sites.

3. Click on the Not Verified text that is next to your URL.

4. Copy the verification code from option 1.

5. Open your Site's HTML Code.

6. Paste the code into or below a block of text, as shown in the below fig.

7. Remove the comments from the pasted code.

8. This is how, after pasting the code looks like in your Site.

9. After following all the steps from the Instructions video, now you have to send a screenshot of your website with verification code and website link to Adobe Affiliate Team.

They’ll take up to 2 days to verify your site.

After site verification, you’ll receive an email from the adobe team saying that your site has been verified.

Along with this Site Verification Email, you will also receive a complete PDF Guide from Adobe Affiliate Team which will help you in enhancing your site and how to earn commissions.

This is how you need to verify your site manually on Adobe Affiliate Program.

After all of these Steps to receive Payments from Adobe you need to add your Contact and Payment Information to Publisher Account Settings.

Publisher Account Settings:

Contact Information:

Enter your full contact information by selecting >> Account >> Contact Information. Fill in your information and sign up for important program emails and newsletters.

Please note that you will not receive information on many important program updates if you do not activate the email notifications in this section.

In this contact information form you need to edit your contact information:

     1. Username
        Here your username cannot be changed.

     2. First Name
                 Enter your Last Name.
     3. Last Name
                 Enter your Last Name.

      4. Email
                 Your Email Address cannot be changed, It will remain same as your                Login Email.

     5. Language
                  It will have remained same as you selected in Sign up Process.

     6. Reporting Currency
                  Select your country’s currency.

     7 – 14 Fill up your Address, contact details.

     15. In this field, you need to select the type of emails you want to receive from             Adobe.
         You can select from

1. Text Newsletter.

2. HTML Newsletter.

After all this click on the Save button to update your contact information.

Payment Information:

Enter your payment information by selecting >> Account >> Payment Information. This information is required to receive commission payments.


Payment Options 

The Adobe Affiliate Program provides two options for receiving payments. Please choose the best option for you using the guidelines displayed on the screen.

Option 1. Direct Bank Transfer via TradeDoubler.

Option 2. Payoneer digital payment service.

NOTE: If you need to change the Payment Option after you initially completed the payment information; please contact the Adobe Affiliate Team.

If you want to change the Business Type or Bank Account Country after you initially completed the payment information you need to contact the Adobe Affiliate Team.

In this payment information you need to fill up required fields:

     1. Business Type
           Choose your type of Business.

     2. Business Account Country
                     Select the country or territory in which your bank account is held.
     3. Tax Residence
                     The location of your fixed place of business, in which you are liable              to pay tax.

     4. Payment Provider –
                      The payment provider that will be used for all payments.

     5. Account Status –
                       It will show your Payoneer account status.

     6. VAT Country –
                       In this field select the country or territory in which you are VAT                    registered.

     7. Enter your TradeDoubler Password –
                      Enter your TradeDoubler Password and update your payment                    information.

Attention!! If you do not complete your Contact information and Payment information, you will not receive payments.

After all this, Now the main important thing is to place Ads, Banners, and Links in your Website.

Selecting Ads, Banners, and Links:


Once you have been accepted to the Adobe Affiliate Program for the country you wish to promote you can start adding ads to your website. Please select the program that you have applied and been accepted for, and then choose an ad from that program.

     1. On your Menu account choose >> Tracking >> My Ads

      2. If you have multiple websites select the correct program, click under >> Program name.

Here you will find a selection of text links and banner images (JPG/GIF). You can choose an ad by product category, size or select “List all available ads”.

Once you have selected a banner please click on >> Show Code.

When you click Show code a pop-up window will be opened with the HTML Code. Next, select options for the code and copy and paste onto your website. The Show Code popup displays different options depending on the type of ad, you can select any type on your interest.

The example below is the code for the banner:

     1. Choose the website which you added and where the ad is to be published. You can only choose the websites with the status “Accepted”.

2. Tick the checkbox to select:

-  JavaScript
-  Custom

3. Use cache prevention (optional): Tick “enable”, cache prevention is used to make sure that the browser does not cache the link and thus guarantees that all impressions are accounted for.

4. Copy the code and paste it into the HTML code of the website. It might take up to 15 minutes to appear ads on the website.

Text Links:

To add text links to your site select a program that you have applied to and then choose text link for the program.

1. Click on >> Tracking >> My Ads.

2. If you have multiple websites select the correct program, click under >> Program Name
Select Text Links

3. Once you have selected a link click on Show Code.

4. A pop-up window will appear with the HTML code. Copy and paste this HTML code into your approved website.

Deep Links:

Text links are used to link directly to the Adobe Store. Deep links are text links that direct the visitor to a specific page on the Adobe Store rather than to the home page. As the target URL contains content related to the ad, Deep links results in much more targeted linking.

1. Click on >>> Tracking >>> My Ads.

2. If you have multiple websites select the correct program, click under >> Program Name
Select >> Create Deeplink.

3. Select text link format.

4. Full anchor Tag.

5. Plain URL Enter target URL (deep linking only).

6.Enter EPI parameter (more information on the next page).

7.Enter anchor text.

8. Test your text link.

9. Copy and paste the code into your website.


Enhanced Publisher Integration or EPI parameter allows you to uniquely identify a specific tracking link, and view performance data on how well each unique EPI an encoded link has performed.

Setting up EPI:

EPI requires one parameter, which you add to your tracking link and get actions reported on that parameter. Generally the parameter can be letters, numbers or any combination thereof. The maximum length is 64 characters.

EPI Reporting:

By implementing this parameter, you will be able to identify which tracking links are generating sales. For EPI reports go to Reports>> More Reports>> Event break down PLT.


You can access all relevant reports of Adobe Affiliate Program under >> Reports in your publisher interface.

Account Balance Breakdown Report

This report gives an overview of the commissions you have earned through ads but have not yet been paid out. It will give you payment information on the next payment date and the minimum payment threshold needed in order to generate a payment. This report has three sections. Once transactions not yet qualified for payment, transactions to be paid in the next payment and rejected payments.


Rejected payments

These are payments rejected by your bank. Make sure that you have entered your bank details correctly in order to receive payments. If your details are incorrect, then the payment will not go through, and you will need to wait until the next payment period.



The payment report displays transactions that have been paid to your account in the respective payment run. Click the sum in the Sum converted column for a breakdown of transactions where each transaction has its own row with detailed information. Commissions for sales and leads are broken down per transaction while click and impressions are aggregated per day. EPI information is also included, allowing you to attribute specific sales to specific custom events.

This is the complete guide on how you can set up your Adobe Affiliate Account and Run Affiliate Ads on Your Site.....

Hope this article will help you.......

For More Information check out the below video on how to create Affiliate Account and Run Ads.

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