How to Delete a User Accounts from Windows 10 (Updated December 2020)

One of the Windows 10 operating system's best features is that it can add multiple user accounts in windows and Windows to be shared with multiple users who have their own Microsoft sign-in credentials. It’ll help you to share your PC/Laptop with different users and the best way to keep your user files, apps and settings private. Adding and removing user accounts from windows 10 is a simple and easy task.

If you want to remove user account from Windows 10 just follow below steps:


How to Delete a User Account from Windows 10:


1. First of all, open ‘Settings’ app in your PC/Laptop.

You can Open Settings app by searching for it on ‘windows search bar’ or you can open directly it from ‘Start Menu’.

2. After that, click on “Accounts”.


3. Again Click on “Family & Other Users” from Accounts Menu Bar.


4. Here in this Menu, You’ll see all the users that logged in your PC/Laptop under “Other Users” heading.


5. Now, click on the user you want to remove from your computer.


6. You’ll see the Remove button, click on it.


7. On clicking the remove button, a pop-up will appear asking you to “Delete account and Data”.


8. Click on “Delete Account and Data”. It will remove the user files, apps, and settings from PC/Laptop.

It doesn’t delete Data which is stored in the cloud.

9. Once you click on it, the selected user account will be removed.


Apps, Files, and other all settings of the user will be completely removed from your PC/Laptop. If the removed user is logged in with Microsoft Account, this won’t delete anything which is stored in cloud-like OneDrive files, emails, personalization settings, purchases, or anything Cortana knows about you.


The above steps to remove the user account from windows 10 can be applicable to all versions of Windows. Also, know how to delete an Administrator Account in Windows 10 by using Control Panel.

Follow the below steps to delete an Administrator Account in Windows 10.


How to Delete an Administrator Account in Control Panel:


1. Open Control Panel.

You can open Control Panel by typing control panel in Windows Search Bar.


2. Then change view type to ‘Small Icons’.


3. After that, Click on User Accounts.


4. Now click on ‘Manage Another Account’.


5. Here, you’ll see the users logged in your PC.


6. Click on the user whom you wanted to delete as a admin.


7. Now, Click on ‘Delete the Account’.


8. It will ask you to choose Delete Files or to keep files.

If you select the 'keep files' option, it will create a folder on your desktop containing deleted user’s file.

That’s it…


This is how you can Delete Administrator Account on Windows 10.








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