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After WhatsApp's user privacy policy update, many WhatsApp users are switching to Signal PrivateMessenger App. Due to its demand, the Signal app has become the most downloaded application on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

Many of you know some standard features of the Signal app.

In this article, you can find the top 10 features of the Signal Private Messenger App.

Take a look at the top 10 features of the Signal Private Messenger App.


Top 10 Features of Signal Private Messenger App:

1. Note to Self:

Note to Self is a feature where you can send messages to yourself. You can use this feature to save some important messages or files to share later. All messages in Note to Self are end to end encrypted. You can also note down some important stuff from this feature by just messaging yourself.

Here's how you can start Note to Self on your Signal Messenger App.

> Open SignalMessenger App.

> Tap on 'Pen' Icon.

> There's a contact entry on top of contacts named Note to Self.

> Click on Note to Self Contact and start using it.

2. Screen Security:

The screen security feature blocks the Signal Messenger App screen from recent apps task. When it is enabled, a blue screen with a signal app logo covers the app's content.

This Screen Security feature prevents you from taking screenshots of the Signal app on your device.

To enable Screen Security, follow these steps:

> Tap on the profile icon.

> Select privacy and then Screen Security.

> To enable and to disable, tap the slider.

3. Incognito Keyboard:

Incognito Keyboard feature can disable personalized learning of the keyboard. It doesn't save any of our typing words for future suggestions.

To enable Incognito Keyboard, follow these steps.

> Open Signal app.

> Tap on the profile icon.

> Select privacy and then enable Incognito Keyboard.

> You can enable or disable the Incognito Keyboard by tapping the slider.

4. Signal Pin:

Signal Pin is a code which uses to support some essential features like non-phone number identifiers. This Signal Pin keeps your information stored with Signal encrypted so only you can access it.

All of your settings, your profile, and your contacts restored when you reinstall the Signal app.

You can also use this Signal Pin as an extra security lock. By enabling Registration Lock.

If you enable Registration Lock, you login into your Signal App on a new device, you need to enter your Signal Pin.

Registration Locks acts as a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), where you need to enter your Signal Pin when you login into new devices.

 How to Create or Change Signal Pin:

> Open Signal App and tap on the Profile icon.

> Tap on Privacy.

> Scroll down, you'll find Signal Pin.

> Here, you can create or change the Signal Pin. You can enter any 4 digit pin or any alphanumerical pin.

You also find Registration Lock below Signal Pin settings. If you want to set Two Factor Authentication (2FA), you can enable it by tapping on the slider.

5. Signal Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts:

As you know, SignalPrivate Messenger App is also available on both Windows and Linux. The Signal app has released some shortcuts for both Windows and Linux.

Here are the shortcuts keys for Signal Desktop App.

 6. Insecure SMS/MMS:

In Signal PrivateMessenger App, you can not only send messages to contacts through the internet. But also, you can send insecure SMS/MMS  messages to your mobile SIM card numbers through your SIM service provider  by the Signal app

To send insecure SMS/MMS, you need to have a credit balance on your SIM to send SMS/MMS.

How to Send Insecure SMS/MMS by Signal APP:

> Select open chat window of contact to whom you want to send SMS/MMS.

> After that, type your message and then tap and hold on send icon to choose which SIM Card you need to use for the SMS/MMS Message.

7. Sealed Sender:

Sealed Sender feature of Signal app is a feature where the sender identity is end to end encrypted.

To receive message from non-contacts and people with whom you have not share your profile, you need to enable 'Allow from Anyone' to receive incoming messages. This feature of Signal app doesn’t store a record of our contacts, conversation list, location, social graph, user profile name, user profile avatar and group members. 

8. Always Relay Calls:

By using this feature of Signal app you can relay all calls through the signal server to avoid revealing your IP address to your contact.

But, if you enable Always Relay Calls setting the call quality will be reduced.

How to Enable Always Relay Calls:

> Open Signal App and tap on the Profile icon.

> Tap on Privacy.

> Scroll down, you'll find Always Relay Calls.

> Enable Relay Calls option by tapping on the slider.


9. Disappearing Messages:

Disappearing Messages feature deletes messages after the timer has elapsed. Once you turned on Disappearing Messages option, each and every message will be set on a timer countdown. After the end of countdown the messages disappears.

You can set Disappearing Messages countdown from 5 seconds to 1 week.

Disappearing messages can be managed by anyone in the chat. If it is enabled, you can see a timer countdown icon at the bottom of the message bubble.

How Countdown Timer Works:

If you sent a disappearing message, the countdown timer starts after you’ve sent it. And for the received disappearing message the time starts after you’ve read it.

When the timer ends, the message is deleted from both sender and receiver.

How to Set Disappearing Messages:

> Open Signal App and open on any chat.

> On the top right side, click on the 3 dot button.

> Now click on Disappearing Messages and set a countdown timer.

10. Storage Management:

In the Signal PrivateMessenger App, you can manage your storage and messages.

With this feature of The signal app, you can select Conversation length and the automatic deletion of messages.

In Storage Management, there’s an option to Keep messages. Here in this option, you can set a duration to keep messages from 30 days to 1 year. If you keep it forever messages will be not deleted.

You can also set conversation length limit.

Storage Management Settings:

> Open Signal App and tap on the Profile icon.

> Tap on Data and Storage.

> Click on Manage Storage.

Here, you can see Keep messages and Conversation length limit settings.

 These are the top 10 features of Signal Private Messenger App.

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