How to Play PSP Games on Android - PPSSPP Emulator

    Sony PSP was released on 2004 and it becomes one of the most popular handheld gaming consoles of that time. The release of Sony PSP made a huge impact on the gamers community. Sony PSP being completely portable it gives the same graphics visuals like Sony Playstation 2. Sony PSP ran almost for 10 years and later Sony decided to stop its manufacturing to make a way for Sony PS Vita.

If you want to play games on Sony PSP you may not able to find a single online retail shopping site, where you can purchase Sony PSP. However, if you still interested and wanted to play games on Sony PSP by using any PSP emulator on your Android Device and you can play on your android device without buying Sony PSP console.

Compared to Sony PSP Console today’s Smartphone have much more better Hardware and Features. By using any emulator on Android Devices you can play PSP games with much more better graphics.

There are several emulators which you can run PSP games on your Android Device. But the best emulator to play PSP games is PPSSPP emulator.


PPSSPP Emulator:

    PPSSPP Emulator is available on Google PlayStore. PPSSPP is a completely free to use emulator. Compared to other PSP emulators of Android PPSSPP emulator give much more stability and better user interface gameplay. On this emulator you can play your favorite games on full HD resolution without any lagging issues.  PPSSPP emulator requires android version 2.3 or above and also it supports other platforms like Windows, Linux, and Blackberry.

PPSSPP is available on Google PlayStore in 2 different versions. PPSSPP with blue color logo icon is an ad-supported emulator and PPSSPP with a gold color logo icon is a Premium emulator. But both the emulators have the same features and experience. The only difference between these 2 emulators is running ads. If you want ad-free emulator you need to purchase PPSSPP Golden Emulator on Google PlayStore.


How to Download and Install PPSSPP Emulator on Android Device:

For Android devices, you can download the PPSSPP emulator from Google Play Store. On PlayStore, You’ll get both versions of PPSSPP. If you want a premium version of the PPSSPP emulator you need to purchase it from Google PlayStore. To download the PPSSPP emulator you can directly download it from Google PlayStore.

1. Open Google PlayStore.

2. Click on the Search bar and type PPSSPP emulator.

3. Here you’ll find both Gold and Blue icon PPSSPP emulators.

4. To download the free version of the PPSSPP emulator just click on install.

5. The free version emulator will be installed on your device.

If you want a premium version of the PPSSPP emulator you can purchase it from Google PlayStore or by using third-party websites like Apkpure, Appdroid, etc., you can download the premium version of the PPSSPP emulator for free.

To download the Golden version of the PPSSPP emulator follow below steps:

1. Open Apkpure website.

2. Tap on the search icon and type ‘PPSSPP Gold.’

3. Now download PPSSPP Gold Emulator.

4. After downloading, Install and open the emulator.

Now you need to download PSP game ROMs from third-party websites.

Download PPSSPP Emulator:

Click here to download PPSSPP emulator from Playstore.

Click here to download PPSSPP Gold emulator from Playstore.

Click here to download PPSSPP Gold Emulator Premium Mod APK for free from APKPure website.

How to Download PSP ROMs:

There are plenty of sites where you can find PSP ROMs for PPSSPP Emulator. You can download your favorite from sites like emuparadise, coolroms, emulatorgames, etc.

First of all, you need to know that you cannot play all PSP games on your Android Device. There are only some limited games that are available to play on Emulator. In this article, I’ll show you how to download PSP ROMs from emulatorgames website.

1. Open emulatorgames site.

2. Here you’ll see a lot of emulators. Scroll and tap on the PlayStation Portable emulator.

3. A new site will be opened and here you’ll find all supporting games of PSP which you can play on PPSSPP emulator.

4. Click on a game that you would like to play and click on ‘Save Game’.

5. Your download will start in a while.

This is how you can download PSP ROMs from emulatorgames site.

Here are the lists of some games supported by PPSSPP Emulator:

1. God of War – Ghost of Sparta.

2. Tekken 6.

3. Spider-Man 3.

4. Grand Theft Auto –Vice City Stories.

5. Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai2.

6. Assassin’s Creed –Bloodlines.

7. Need for Speed – MostWanted.

8. Call of Duty – Roads to Victory.

9. Ben 10 – Alien Force –Vilgax Attacks.

10. Fifa 14.

Check out the full list of PSP games supported by PPSSPP emulator.


How to use PPSSPP Emulator to play PSP Games:

Follow the below steps to open PSP game on PPSSPP emulator:

1. Open PPSSPP Emulator.

2. Click on the Games tab.

3. Now you need to select the downloaded PSP ROM file. Your downloaded ROM files will be in .zip format.

4. Now tap on Downloaded ROM.

5. And then click on install.

6. Once you click on install your game will be installed.

7. Click on back and you’ll find installed games here.

Tap and play your favorite PSP games on your Android Device.


Controls and Graphic Settings for PPSSPP Emulator:

Control Buttons:

Once you opened the PSP game, the display touch screen will not work. You need to control and play games using these control buttons displayed on your screen. The control buttons are same as PSP and your device back button works as a menu button. To go to settings or to open the menu you need to press the back button. There’s an extra button on the screen that’ll look like a side triangle which fast forwards or speeds up the gameplay.

You can also change the layout and size of control buttons by following below steps:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Then tap on ‘Controls.’

3. Click on ‘Edit Touch Control Layout.’ Here you’ll see options like Move, Visibility, Resize, and some others.

4. You can set button controls according to your choice.

In this PPSSPP emulator you can save game state, which allows you to play later at the same point where you have saved the game.

There are also some plenty of settings in this emulator where you can fully customize graphics and other settings.

For low-end android device there also graphic settings by changing it values you can get smooth gameplay of big size games.


Here are the some screenshots of PPSSPP Emulator of PSP games:

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