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How to watch restricted or banned videos on Twitter

Some Twitter videos and pictures are restricted or banned outside their countries and didn’t work on outside countries where they’re based. Usually, Twitter shows “Content Not Available” or “This video is not available on your location” on a post that has a restricted or banned video or picture on that post.

Most of the time, Twitter users face this issue because of their geographical location restrictions. These Geo-restrictions do not allow access to restricted or banned content based on your Geo-location. It doesn’t mean that you can’t access the restricted content. To watch restricted content on Twitter by following the below methods.

How to Watch Restricted or Banned Videos on Twitter:

You can watch restricted or blocked videos or pictures on Twitter by following two methods.

Method 1:
Change Your Country on Twitter:

Generally your Twitter account is associated with the country where you are living.  By changing your country on Twitter you can watch restricted or banned videos on Twitter.

Change Your Country on Twitter

Follow the below steps to change your country on Twitter:

1. Open

2. Login with your Id and Password.

3. Now click on ‘More’ option and then on ‘Setting and Privacy’.

4. Here, you’ll see ‘Your Account’ option on Settings.

5. In the ‘Your Account’ tab click on ‘Account Information’.

6. To access your Twitter account Information, It’ll ask you to enter your password.  

7. Enter your password and then here you’ll see 'Country' option.

8. Click on Country and here you’ll see a list of countries.

9. Select the correct country from the drop-down list.

10. Click on ‘Agree and Continue’.

By following the above steps you can change your location to a specific country and you can watch restricted or banned videos.

Method II:
By Using VPN:

Without changing your country on Twitter, you can change your geo-location by using VPN. There are plenty of VPN services are available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. By using any one of the VPN services you can change and watch restricted and banned videos on Twitter.

Follow the below steps to access Twitter using VPN:

1. Download and Install any VPN.

2. Open the application and select Country.

3. Click on Connect.

That’s it. VPN will be connected and now you can access Twitter from different Geo-Location without changing Country on Twitter.

Here are the Top 5 Best VPN’s for Twitter 2021:

1. ExpressVPN

2. NordVPN

3. ZenMate

4. TunnelBear

5. SurfShark

These 5 are the top VPNs to use Twitter without any issues in 2021.

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