Here’s how you can get Adobe After Effects CC 2020 for absolutely FREE.

    Adobe released a stable version of After Effects CC 2020 on April 14, 2020. Where you can get After Effects by subscribing it from its official website, which costs us monthly   ₹1,420.00/mo (i.e., $18.80). They also give a discount to students at accredited learning institutions. Student’s discount is only applicable to those who are in college or high school film program.

Here are some subscription plan details of different Adobe products and Apps.

For new users, Adobe gives a 30-day free trial and access to its apps and software. After the trial period, to continue the service of Adobe Apps and Products you need to buy a subscription plan for Apps.

 But from this trial version you can get After Effects  only for 30 days directly from its official site. In order to extend its trial period you need to create a new Adobe account every month and need to reset the PC.

 But here’s how you can you get Adobe After Effects CC 2020 completely FREE without spending any money.

 Just follow the simple steps in order to get Adobe After Effects 2020 completely free for a lifetime.

 1. Download After Effects CC 2020 from the below link.

Click Here to download Adobe After Effects CC 2020.

It’s a zip file which is around 2.4GB.

 2.  After Downloading extract the zip file using Winrar software.

You can download Winrar by Clicking Here.

You can even extract the file by using Windows Explorer.

 3. After Extracting Open It, you will see an Adobe 2020 folder open it.

4. Run Set-up.exe as administrator. ( Right Click Run as Administrator).

5. Select Language and Install Location.

(Default location will be good i.e c:programfiles/adobe/aftereffects).


6. Then click on continue.

To install After Effects completely it will take up to 15-20 minutes depending upon your PC’s performance.

7. After Installing click on the Launch button.

That’s it.

You have successfully installed Genuine After Effects CC 2020 with complete features.

Here are the download links of After Effects  and Winrar:

Download After Effects from below link:

For more info check out the below video, where you can find more details about.  

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