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Netflix is an online streaming platform, where you can watch hundreds of hundreds of popular movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries by choosing a Netflix Subscription Plan. Without the Netflix Subscription plan, you are not able to watch and download ( Offline mode in Mobile Devices).

Here are the Subscription plans of Netflix:

How to Get URL of Netflix Videos:

By just copying and pasting URL of Netflix videos will also not help you to watch the complete video. By that, you can only watch the trailer of Netflix Movies and Shows. In order to download Netflix TV shows and movies, you need to use separate software like Flixgrab, Free grab, etc.,  By this software, you can download Netflix shows and movies on your PC. There is no official way of downloading Netflix videos through its site or app.

Before that, you need to Grab the links of TV Shows and movies from its websites. You can do this by opening each and every video of that series or show and copying that link is too much for you to do that….

But by using some source code on the official website of Netflix you can easily get the URLs of Netflix videos and it helps you to escape these copy paste work to grab links of Netflix shows and movies you can do it by using some source code.

To get the URL of Netflix videos, you need to follow some simple steps:

1. Open Netflix's official website and login with your email and password.

2. Search for your desired show in the search box. (on-top right side)

3. Now, Click on the Episodes tab and make sure episodes of the show are visible to you as shown in the below image.

4. Right-click on the page and click on ‘Inspect (Ctrl+Shift+I)’.

5. After that Inspect Element will be opened, click on the Console tab.

6. Here you’ll find an empty space copy the below code and paste in it.
 var loadingTime=2000;function download(data,filename,type){var file=new Blob([data],{type:type});if(window.navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob)  
 window.navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob(file,filename);else{var a=document.createElement("a"),url=URL.createObjectURL(file);a.href=url;;document.body.appendChild(a);;setTimeout(function(){document.body.removeChild(a);window.URL.revokeObjectURL(url)},0)}}  
 var episodes;var urlArray=[];var total;var seasonsArray=!1;var loop=0;var clickEvent=new MouseEvent("click",{"view":window,"bubbles":!0,"cancelable":!1});var firstLoop=!0;async function main(){rewinder()}  
 main();function rewinder(){return rewind=new Promise(function(resolve,reject){if(document.getElementsByClassName('episodesContainer')[0].getElementsByClassName("handlePrev")[0]){var interval=setInterval(function(){document.getElementsByClassName('episodesContainer')[0].getElementsByClassName("handlePrev")[0].dispatchEvent(clickEvent);if(!document.getElementsByClassName('episodesContainer')[0].getElementsByClassName("handlePrev")[0].classList.contains('active')){clearInterval(interval);episodes=document.getElementsByClassName('episodePlay');resolve(!0)}},100)}else{resolve(!0)}}).then(async function(value){await grabEps()})}  
 function grabEps(){return grabEpisodes=new Promise(function(resolve,reject){if(document.getElementsByClassName('episodesContainer')[0].getElementsByClassName("handleNext")[0]){episodes=document.getElementsByClassName('episodePlay');var interval2=setInterval(function(){document.getElementsByClassName('episodesContainer')[0].getElementsByClassName("handleNext")[0].dispatchEvent(clickEvent);for(var i=0;i<episodes.length;i++){if(urlArray.indexOf(episodes[i].href)===-1){urlArray.push(episodes[i].href)}}  
 if(!document.getElementsByClassName('episodesContainer')[0].getElementsByClassName("handleNext")[0].classList.contains('active')){clearInterval(interval2);resolve(checkSeasons())}},300)}else{for(var i=0;i<episodes.length;i++){if(urlArray.indexOf(episodes[i].href)===-1){urlArray.push(episodes[i].href)}}  
 resolve(checkSeasons())}}).then(async function(more){if(more){var text=urlArray.join('\n');download(text,document.getElementsByClassName('jawbone-title-link')[0].textContent+'_全集.txt','text/plain')}else{loop++;seasonsArray[loop].dispatchEvent(clickEvent);setTimeout(async function(){await rewinder()},loadingTime)}})}  
 function checkSeasons(){if(document.getElementsByClassName('label')[0]){document.getElementsByClassName('label')[0].dispatchEvent(clickEvent);var morethanone=!0}  

It will look like this….

7. After pasting the code press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

8. This will read the URLs of all the videos of the show.

9. Time taking for this process will depend on the number of videos in that show or series.

10. After this process a file will be automatically downloaded.

11. You can see all the URL links of Netflix Shows and Series…

By following these steps, you can able to get the URL of Netflix videos.

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