Xiaomi has launched its brand new Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P in India, and it is available in an open sale. You can purchase it from or amazon. Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is a smart vacuum cleaner with 2-in-1 features, i.e., mopping and cleaning. In India, Mi Robot Vaccum Mop P available at Rs.24,999/- on The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is also available on no-cost EMI for 3,6 and 9 months.

Here are the instructions on how to use Robot Vacuum MOP


Here is the complete procedure on how to use Mi Robot Vaccum Mop P

Turning On/Off :

When the vacuum-mop is on the charging dock, it will automatically turn on, and it doesn't be turned off. To manually turn on the vacuum-mop, you need to press and hold the power button until the indicator lights up, and when the vacuum-mop is in standby mode and not on the charging dock, press and hold the power button to turn it off.

Cleaning :

For cleaning, turn the vacuum-mop on, then press the clean button. Depending on the accessory installed, the vacuum-mop will automatically begin vacuuming or mopping.

Pausing :

To pause the vacuum-mop when it is running, press any button it pauses the Vaccum mob. And to resume cleaning, press the button "Power' to resume cleaning. Pressing the Home button will end the current cleaning task and send the vacuum-mop Back to the Charging dock.


To recharge Vaccum Mop P, turn the vacuum-mop on and then press the 'HOME' button to send the vacuum-mop to the dock to recharge. When the vacuum-mop completes the cleaning task, it will automatically return to the dock for recharging, and the indicator starts blinking yellow.

If the vacuum-mop starts running low battery during a cleaning task, it will automatically return to the charging dock to recharge. Once the vacuum-mop is fully charged, it will resume cleanup where it left off. If the vacuum-mop automatically shuts down due to low battery, manually place it onto the charging dock and make sure the charging terminals have good contact with it.

Sleep Mode :

The vacuum-mop will automatically enter sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. You need to press any button on the Vaccum mop p or do it using the app to wake it up.

The vacuum-mop will not enter sleep mode while on the charging dock.

The vacuum-mop will automatically turn off after being in sleep mode for 12 hours.

Fault Status:

If the vacuum-mop encounters an error during operation, the indicator will blink red, and it'll alert you with a voice. To check what's the error, you need to refer to the Troubleshooting section. If you don't take any action within 5 minutes, the vacuum-mop will automatically enter sleep mode.

Adding Water or Cleaning Mop During Cleaning :

If you want to add more water to the vacuum mop or clean the mop during a cleaning task, press any button to pause the vacuum mop and then remove the water reservoir. After adding water or cleaning the mop, reinstall the water reservoir and mop and press the power button to resume the cleaning task.

Cleaning Preferences :

To select or change cleaning preferences in Vaccum Mop P, you need to download and install "Mi Home App." In that application, Four suction modes are available: Silent, Standard, Medium, and Turbo. You can select any mode you want, and the default mode is Standard mode.

Do Not Disturb Mode (DND Mode):

In the Do Not Disturb mode, the vacuum-mop will not resume cleanup, perform the scheduled cleanup. Do Not Disturb Mode is enabled by default and can be disabled via the app.

Resuming Cleanup :

The vacuum-mop has the feature of resuming cleanup. If the vacuum-mop starts running low battery during a cleaning task, it will automatically return to the charging dock to recharge. Once the vacuum-mop is fully charged, it will resume cleanup where it left off if the cleaning task is manually ended while the vacuum-mop is charging. Cleanup will not be resumed.

Zoned Area :

You can use the Mi Home app to set up the zoned area, and then the vacuum-mop will clean up within the zoned area you selected.

Clean There :

You can set a specified area on the map via the Mi Home app. Then the vacuum-mop will automatically navigate to the area and clean a square-shaped area of 2*2 meters.

Scheduled Cleanup :

You can schedule cleaning times in the Mi Home app. The vacuum-mop will automatically start cleaning at the scheduled times, then return to the charging dock after the cleaning is completed.

Virtual Walls/Restricted Areas :

You can also set up virtual walls and restricted areas in the Mi Home app to prevent the vacuum-mop from entering areas you wish not to clean.

Smart Mapping :

You can use the Mi Home app to enable smart mapping. This smart mapping allows the vacuum-mop to automatically update its map after completing a cleaning task and recharging.

Spot Cleaning:

The 'location' button on the right side gives you the possibility to clean a specific area.

Zone Cleaning:

There's a 2nd button on the vacuum mop, and it is a squarish icon with a + sign. This zone cleaning is an advanced version of spot cleaning. You can draw a square/rectangle with the size of your own choice.

Area Editor & Virtual Walls:

The area editor, along with the virtual wall/restricted area are useful features.

The new firmware 3.5.8_0035 is rolled out (supporting Multi-Map Option) to all the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P users.

To add new maps and to access them follow the below settings: 

To access the maps list: Settings > MaP

To create a new map: Settings > Map List -> Create New Map

This feature will act as a true value addition to your Smart Home experience, which has now been implemented in the latest firmware enabling your device to support up to 10x different maps.

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