How to fix ‘Unparsable structured data’ in Google Search Console?

"Unparsable structured data" refers to a specific data on a website that is formatted in a way that search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc cannot correctly parse or understand due to errors within it. Basically Structured data is typically used to provide additional context about the content on a web page. However, when it's "unparsable," search engines are unable to index the URLs associated with the website.

Search engines cannot index the webpage until the Unparsable Structured Data error is resolved. So, it is important for us to resolve this error without any delay. This unparsable structured data error often occurs due to the following issues: Syntax Errors, Incorrect Implementation, Invalid Content, Unsupported Data Types, or schema errors.

To fix this issue with unparsable structured data, webmasters and site owners should need to review and correct the Structured Data of webpage. This can be done by using Google’s RichResults Tool.  

You can see how Unparsable structured data error is displayed in Google Search Console in the below image.

In this article, Step by step I will guide you on how to resolve the ‘Unparsable structured data’ in Google Search Console.

How to Fix 'Unparsable structured data' in Google Search Console:

1. Open Google SearchConsole.

2. Go to Indexing > Pages and click on the unparsable structured data error.

3. Copy the affected URL.

4. Now, open Google's Rich Results Tool.

5. Paste the copied URL and click on 'Test URL.'

6. It will take a few seconds to test the URL.

7. After the test got completed, you can see the errors for that URL.

8. Click on the 'Unparsable structured data' error.

In this tool, you can know from which part of the code you are getting error.

9. Edit and recheck the code on that page by clicking on 'Edit Code.'

10. After making the code changes, run the test again.

In my case, the error was caused by double quotation marks in my post title. Syntax requires single quotation marks in the title.

If the changes were made correctly, there shouldn't be any issues.

Once you've identified the error and made the necessary changes, go to Google's Blogger or WordPress platform (whichever you use for hosting your site) and apply the changes accordingly.

After making these changes, go to Search Console and validate the fix.

That's it! Within 48 hours, the issue will be resolved, and the webpage will be indexed on search engines.


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