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Nowadays, Signal PrivateMessenger App has become the most popular instant messaging platform. After WhatsApp's latest privacy policy update, many users from different parts of the world are switching to different messaging platforms, mainly Telegram and Signal. If you are ready to switch to Signal instead of WhatsApp, you must know how to use it and know its features. 


Signal Private Messenger App Platforms:

The Signal Private MessengerApp is available on both Android and iOS operating systems. Signal app users can also download the app on Windows and Linux, just like WhatsApp. To run Signal Private Messenger App on Windows and Linux, you need to login into your Signal Messenger account on your smartphone.

Getting Started with Signal Private Messenger App:

1. You can download Signal Private Messenger App from Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

2. After downloading, set up a Signal account using your phone number.

3. That's it, Start Messaging.

Download Links for Signal Messenger Private App:

Download link for Android:

Download link for iOS:

Download link for Windows:

Download link for Mac:

Download link for Linux:

You can download SignalPrivate Messenger App for all platforms from the above download links.


Step by Step Guide to Install and Setup Signal Private Messenger App:


1. Open Google PlayStore or Apple App Store and search for Signal Private Messenger App.

2. Now, Install and open it.

3. Then tap on continue.

4. Allow the necessary app permissions.

5. Now enter your mobile number, which you want to use for Signal Messenger App.

6. Now verify your mobile number by entering OTP.

7. Once you have verified your mobile number, Enter your Name and tap 'Next' to finish the Signal App set up.

8. That's all. You can now message Signal Messenger App contacts by tapping on the 'Pen' icon button from the bottom right corner.

9. Now select a contact, a new chat window will be opened.

10. Type your message and hit the send button.

11. To send multimedia, click on +, you'll get options to send gallery videos, images, GIF, Files, Contacts and Location.

12. This is how you can Share multimedia and other files and location to your Signal Messenger contacts.

13. To make calls using the Signal Messenger App, tap on the Video or Audio Call icon to make a Signal Messenger Call.

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